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What to Do After A Child Undergoes Tuli: Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know about caring for your child after tuli (circumcision) — what to expect, how to care for the circumcision site, activity restrictions, and when to seek medical attention

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Complete List: Savings Accounts for Kids in the Philippines

An updated guide for Filipino parents who want to set up savings accounts for their children age 0-21

Resources for Helping Kids Cope with Traumatic Stress

Has your child gone through an experience that was scary or overwhelming? Are they showing signs of lingering anxiety or fear? These resources can help you prepare your child for emergencies and deal with their emotions and reactions in the aftermath.

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Guide: Climbing Osmeña Peak with a Kid (2021)

We went up Osmeña Peak with an eight-year-old in June 2021. Here’s what our experience was like — plus our tips and answers to frequently asked questions about Cebu’s highest peak.

150 Peakway Cebu: Glamping in the Highlands of Mantalongon, Dalaguete (2021)

Everything you need to know — room rates, review, videos, and answers to FAQs — about glamping at 150 Peakway Mountain Resort in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu.

Our Maayo San Remigio Family Villa Experience: Review, Room Rates, Food Menu, and Tips

Our 2-night stay at a family villa in Maayo San Remigio, including an in-depth description of the family villa amenities, health and safety protocols, food prices, and compilation videos of all the resort areas.

Tuition Fees of Montessori Schools in the Philippines

The yearly tuition and other school fees of some of the most well-known Montessori schools in the Philippines

What Our Homeschooling Fails Actually Teach Our Kids

That you never gave up on them. That you didn’t have to do it but you did it for their sake. That you believed in them enough. That they’re lucky. That they shouldn’t take education for granted. That teachers deserve to be treated with respect. That parents don’t know it all and that’s okay. That…… Continue reading What Our Homeschooling Fails Actually Teach Our Kids

13 Lessons Your Kids (And You!) Can Learn From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, the American billionaire and philanthropist, is not only known for his investment acumen and frugal ways, he is also revered for his folksy wisdom. What can our children learn from the “Oracle of Omaha”?

7 Best Books for Boys Who Love to Read (or to Get Them Started)

Great books for boys — and girls too!