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How to Change Courier from Shopee Xpress to J&T Express

How To Do Stuff How to Change Courier from Shopee Xpress to J&T Express Did you know you can change the courier who will deliver your order from the default Shopee Xpress to J&T Express? Here’s how. If, like me, you are a regular Shopee user, you may have noticed that their default courier is…… Continue reading How to Change Courier from Shopee Xpress to J&T Express

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Newbie Content Creator

It’s common to make these mistakes when you’re just starting out as a content creator. Avoid them and spare yourself a world of hassle.

How to Update Your Philequity and FAMI Investment Accounts

A step-by-step guide to updating your FAMI and Philequity investment account records based on personal experience in 2022

Complete List: Savings Accounts for Kids in the Philippines

An updated guide for Filipino parents who want to set up savings accounts for their children age 0-21

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Buy or Pay St. Peter Plans ONLINE

A comprehensive guide for where and how to (1) pay for an existing St. Peter plan, or (2) buy a new plan online – credit card, GCash, and other wallets accepted!

Buying Oxygen Concentrators for COVID in the Philippines

Prices, suppliers, advantage over oxygen tanks, and other things you should know when buying an oxygen concentrator in the Philippines during the COVID pandemic.

Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine in Cebu City: Tips and FAQs

If you’re getting your COVID-19 vaccine in Cebu City, here are a few tips and FAQs that will make the process easier and smoother for you.

How I Enrolled in 113 Coursera Certificate-Earning Courses for FREE

Including courses from Yale, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Princeton, Berklee, etc., as well as courses that you can actually learn along with your kids, like Dino 101