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Circulatory system 

Muscular system 

  • How your muscular system works (TedEd)
  • What makes muscles grow? (TedEd)
  • The surprising reason our muscles get tired (TedEd)

Immune system 

  • How your immune system works (TedEd)
  • Why do you get a fever when you’re sick? (TedEd)

Endocrine system 

  • How do your hormones work? (TedEd)
  • What does the pancreas do? (TedEd)

Integumentary system 

  • The science of skin (TedEd)
  • Why do we sweat? (TedEd)
  • What causes body odor? (TedEd)

Digestive system 

  • How does your digestive system work? (TedEd)
  • How does your body know you’re full? (TedEd)
  • What does the liver do? (TedEd)
  • Nature’s smallest factory: The Calvin cycle (TedEd)

Respiratory system 

  • What makes tuberculosis (TB) the world’s most infectious killer? (TedEd)

Nervous system 

  • Uncovering the brain’s biggest secret (TedEd)
  • How do nerves work? (TedEd)
  • How spontaneous brain activity keeps you alive (TedEd)
  • How do our brains process speech? (TedEd)
  • The benefits of a good night’s sleep (TedEd)
  • What happens during a stroke? (TedEd)
  • What happens when you remove the hippocampus? (TedEd)
  • How does anesthesia work? (TedEd)
  • What is Alzheimer’s disease? (TedEd)

Other things about the body 

  • Why do our bodies age? (TedEd)
  • Gravity and the human body (TedEd)
  • The benefits of good posture (TedEd)
  • At what moment are you dead? (TedEd)


  • Grade 3 Life Science (CK-12)
  • Grade 4 Life Science (CK-12

Major organs of the human body 

Respiratory system 

Sci-Show Kids Videos

  • The Human Body
  • Plants
    • How Does A Seed Become A Plant? (YouTube) 
    • Meat-Eating Plants (YouTube
  • Animals
    • How do Whales, Penguins, and Polar Bears Keep Warm? (YouTube
    • Inspect An Insect (YouTube
  • Ecosystem
    • [Symbiosis] Lichen: Two Living Things In One (YouTube


Lohikal na Pagsusuri

Mga Bugtong (Riddles)

  • Bugtong Worksheet 1 (LW
  • Bugtong Worksheet 2 (LW


Hottest and Coldest Part of the Day

Parts of the Volcano

Parts of the Mountain


  • Grade 3 Physical Science
  • Grade 3 Earth Science
    • Weather Forecasting (CK-12)
    • World Climates (CK-12)
    • Fossils of Plants and Animals (CK-12)
  • Grade 4 Physical Science (CK-12)
  • Grade 4 Earth Science (CK-12)

Force and Friction

  • Swings, Slides, and Science (Force) (YouTube
  • Slipping, Sliding Science (Friction) (YouTube 
  • What is a force? (DK Find Out)

God With No Hands

SciShow Kids 

  • The Earth
    • All About Volcanoes: How They Form, Eruptions & More (YouTube)
    • Where Do Mountains Come From? (YouTube
    • Be a Rock Detective (YouTube
    • Where Does Soil Come From? (YouTube) 
    • What Causes Earthquakes? (YouTube)
    • What Causes Thunder and Lightning? (YouTube)
    • What is a Tornado? (YouTube)
    • Where Does Water Come From? (The Water Cycle) (YouTube)
    • Why Are There Seasons (YouTube
  • Forces and Motion
    • Slipping, Sliding Science! (Friction) (YouTube)
    • Fun with Magnets (YouTube)
    • Why Do Ships Float? (YouTube
  • Simple Machines
    • Super Simple Machines: Levers (YouTube)
    • Ramps: A Super, Simple Machine (YouTube)
    • Need a Lift? Try a Pulley! (YouTube)
    • Let’s Get Rolling! (Wheel and Axle) (YouTube)
    • Solving Problems with Simple Machines (YouTube)

American Museum of Natural History Topics 

  • What do you know about climate change? (AMNH)
  • What do you know about life on earth? (AMNH)
  • Cuban Wildlife Matching Game (AMNH)
  • What do you know about biodiversity? (AMNH)
  • What do you know about poison? (AMNH)
  • What do you know about genetics? (AMNH)
  • What do you know about horses? (AMNH)
  • Mythic creatures challenge (AMNH)
  • Archaeology
    • What do you know about archaeology? (AMNH)
    • Tools of the trade (AMNH)
  • Astronomy
    • Cosmic connections (AMNH)
    • Field trip: Mars (AMNH)
    • Field trip: space flight (AMNH)
    • How did the universe begin? (AMNH)
    • What do you know about astronomy? (AMNH)
    • What do you know about stars? (AMNH)
    • What do you know about the universe? (AMNH
  • Marine biology
    • What do you know about marine biology? (AMNH)
    • Mangrove ecosystem (AMNH)
    • Marine ecosystems (AMNH)
    • Find my plankton baby picture (AMNH)
    • Ocean creature feature (AMNH)
  • Microbiology
    • How Lou got the flu (AMNH)
    • Human microbiome quiz (AMNH)
  • Paleontology
    • Layers of time (AMNH)
    • What do you know about the T. rex? (AMNH)
    • What do you know about paleontology? (AMNH



Area (with Materials) 

Area of a Parallelogram

Area of a Triangle



The Black Strip


Story of the Coming of Life

Timeline of Life

Fundamental Needs of Man

BC/AD Timeline

Timeline of Human Beings

The Story of…

  • Presentation
  • Food
    • The simple story of photosynthesis and food (TedEd
    • The history of tea (TedEd
  • Art 
    • Music and creativity in ancient Greece (TedEd) done 
    • Who was the world’s first author? (TedEd
    • A brief history of religion in art (TedEd)
    • Dissecting Botticelli’s Adoration of the Magi (TedEd)
    • Why is this painting so captivating? (TedEd
    • Why is Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” considered a masterpiece? (TedEd) – done
    • What is abstract expressionism? (TedEd
  • Shelter 
  • Defense 
    • A day in the life of a Roman soldier (TedEd
    • A day in the life of a Cossack warrior (TedEd)
    • The rise and fall of the Celtic warriors (TedEd)
    • The city of walls: Constantinople (TedEd
  • Clothing 
  • Religion
    • The five major world religions (TedEd
    • It’s a church. It’s a mosque. It’s Hagia Sophia (TedEd
  • Medicine:
    • A day in the life of an ancient Egyptian doctor (TedEd
    • A day in the life of an Aztec midwife (TedEd
    • A day in the life of a Celtic druid (TedEd
    • Ancient Rome’s most notorious doctor (TedEd
    • How aspirin was discovered (TedEd
    • The accident that changed the world (TedEd
    • How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus (TedEd
  • Transportation 
    • An Animated History of Transportation (The Atlantic
    • How did Polynesian wayfinders navigate the Pacific Ocean? (TedEd
    • What’s so special about Viking ships? (TedEd) – done
    • Corruption, wealth and beauty: The history of the Venetian gondola (TedEd
    • The Silk Road: Connecting the ancient world through trade (TedEd
    • How does math guide our ships at sea? (Ted Ed
    • Under the hood: The chemistry of cars (TedEd
    • How the world’s first metro system was built (TedEd
    • How the world’s longest underwater tunnel was built (TedEd

Stages in the Progress of Civilization

  • Presentation (YouTube video)
  • Related Videos:
    • A day in the life of an ancient Athenian (TedEd
    • Did ancient Troy really exist? (TedEd
    • Is there any truth to the King Arthur legends? (TedEd) – done
    • What happened to the lost Kingdom of Kush? (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Inca Empire (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Inca Empire (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire (TedEd
    • The rise of the Ottoman Empire (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Mongol Empire (TedEd
    • This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world (TedEd
    • Who built Great Zimbabwe? And why? (TedEd
    • The Silk Road: Connecting the ancient world through trade (TedEd)   
    • A brief history of goths (TedEd
    • The rise and fall of the Celtic warriors (TedEd



Adjectival Modifiers and Appositives  

Attributives and Appositives  

Adverbial Modifiers  

  • Presentation (YouTube)
  • Sentence Analysis: Adverbial Extensions (YouTube)

Part participle 

Parts of a Letter 



Signed Numbers

Extracting a Square Root for Numbers Less Than 225  

Calculation of Prime Factors Using Table C  

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