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Pang-uri: Introduction, Worksheets and 500+ Examples

Quick introduction to pang-uri (adjectives) including 550 examples of pang-uri, 100 halimbawa sa pangungusap, and free printable/live worksheets to help learners at all levels master pang-uri.

Direct and Indirect Object: Sentence Analysis and Exercises/Worksheets

Quick lesson and worksheets on direct and indirect objects, with a list of ditransitive verbs and examples of direct and indirect objects in sentences.

Pagbasa at Pagsabi ng Oras sa Filipino (Telling Time in Tagalog)

Quick lesson and free practice worksheets to help learners master how to say the time in Filipino / Tagalog.

Mga Uri ng Pang-abay Worksheets

Montessori Filipino Mga Uri ng Pang-abay Worksheets Quick lesson and free worksheets to help learners master the three primary kinds of adverbs (uri ng pang-abay): pamaraan, pamanahon, and panlunan. There are many kinds of pang-abay (adverbs) but there are three primary ones:Pang-abay na pamaraan (adverb of manner)Pang-abay na pamanahon (adverb of time)Pang-abay na panlunan (adverb…… Continue reading Mga Uri ng Pang-abay Worksheets

Pang-abay vs. Pang-uri Worksheets

Quick lesson and free worksheets to help learners recognize whether a word is an adjective or an adverb (pang-abay o pang-uri).

Mga Pang-Abay at Pariralang Pang-Abay – Free Filipino Worksheets

Quick lesson and free worksheets to help learners master the concept of pang-abay (adverbs) and pariralang pang-abay (adverbial phrase) and the different words they describe.

Financial Literacy Worksheets for Children: An Introduction to Financial Education

Interactive/printable worksheets for elementary-age children to introduce and reinforce the most basic concepts in financial education like saving, needs vs. wants, priorities, debt, and emergency funds.

Lupang Hinirang (Pambansang Awit) and Panatang Makabayan Worksheets

Worksheets — from easy to difficult — designed to help learners commit the Lupang Hinirang and Panatang Makabayan to memory

How to Study in Europe: A Comprehensive Guide for Filipino Students

A guide for Filipino students who want to get an overview on how to study in Europe, with a sample list of programmes, schools, and tuition fees, as well as links to where detailed information on specific programmes and schools can be obtained.

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Leaf Shapes – Montessori Botany

Get to know some of the most common leaf shapes and follow-up with a couple of worksheets for mastery.