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"How to Make Pangungusap": Practice Making Filipino Sentences, Duolingo-Style Level 1

In this first level, kids are given an English sentence and a set of three to four words which they use to practice constructing Filipino sentences.

  • Level 1 – this one
  • Level 2 
  • Level 3 – coming soon!

Filipino used to be easier to learn — even for kids who don’t live in Tagalog-speaking regions — because there used to be only a couple of channels on television and most of their programs were in Filipino. There was a smattering of English shows and local language broadcasts and that was it; the rest was in Tagalog. You basically had to learn Tagalog if you wanted to follow what was happening in Okay Ka, Fairy Ko.

Nowadays, kids have so many choices and there’s really no intrinsic incentive to learn Tagalog. That makes it a bit more challenging for them. BUT that’s no excuse for not knowing our national language. We just have to be more creative and persistent about it.

The worksheets below are “Duolingo-style” — there’s a sentence in English and the learner constructs the Filipino equivalent from a set of given words.

  • There’s intentionally only one sentence per page so that the words will be big enough and the worksheets can be easily answered using a phone.
  • There’s also a link to a printable version of the worksheets; the words can be cut and pasted for a hands-on Filipino learning activity.
  • The words are all in lowercase (small letters) so it won’t be obvious which word is the first in the sentence. If you’re guiding the learner through this exercise, I suggest letting them write the final sentence in a notebook using correct capitalization and punctuation. This will also help them better remember the sentence structures.

Let’s get to it then!

Pangungusap Worksheets Level 1

Note on the Worksheets

If you are using a laptop/PC, you can reduce the size of the worksheet by zooming out your browser screen. For Windows users, scroll down the mouse wheel while pressing the Ctrl key in your keyboard. If there are any errors/glitches, just refresh and try again.

  • aso – dog
  • bago – new
  • bata – child
  • buhok – hair
  • dalawa – two
  • gumawa – to do, to make
  • lahat – all
  • maamo – tame
  • mabait – nice, kind
  • mabango – fragrant, nice-smelling
  • mabilis – fast
  • magaling – good or skillful at something
  • magdala – to bring
  • maglaro – to play
  • magluto – to cook
  • magustuhan – to like something
  • mahaba – long
  • mahal – love
  • mahalaga – valuable, important
  • maikli – short
  • makinig – to listen
  • malikhain – creative
  • manahi – to sew
  • mansanas – apple
  • marunong – knows how to do something
  • masayahin – cheerful
  • masipag – hardworking
  • matalino – intelligent, smart
  • matangkad – tall
  • payong – umbrella
  • pila – line, queue
  • pula – red
  • pumunta – to go
  • regalo – gift, present
  • sayaw – dance
  • takbo – run
  • tindahan – store

Maaaring matagpuan ang talaan ng mga sagot sa pinakadulo ng pahinang ito.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 7

Worksheet 8

Worksheet 9

Worksheet 10

Worksheet 11

Worksheet 12

Worksheet 13

Worksheet 14

Worksheet 15

Worksheet 16

Worksheet 17

Worksheet 18

Worksheet 19

Worksheet 20

Worksheet 21

Worksheet 22

Worksheet 23

Worksheet 24

Worksheet 25

You can download a printable version of all the worksheets above here:

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Mga Sagot
  • Si Mia ay mabait.
  • Si Gian ay matangkad.
  • Si Andres ay masipag.
  • Si Kara ay malikhain.
  • Si Miguel ay matalino.
  • Ang mansanas ay pula.
  • Ang sampaguita ay mabango.
  • Siya ay marunong manahi.
  • Tayo ay Filipino.
  • Tayong lahat ay mahalaga.
  • Masayahing bata si Carmen.
  • Maamo ang aso ko.
  • Bago ang bag ko.
  • Maikli ang buhok niya.
  • Mahaba ang mga pila.
  • Mabilis tumakbo si Tala.
  • Magaling sumayaw si Oli.
  • Magluluto ako ng pancake.
  • Gumawa ako ng robot.
  • Pupunta kami sa tindahan.
  • Maglalaro kami ni kuya.
  • Makikinig kami kay Titser.
  • Nagustuhan ko ang regalo.
  • Magdala ka ng payong.
  • Mahal ko silang dalawa.

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