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Pandiwa: Mga Larawan ng Salitang Kilos, Galaw o Gawa

Introduction to pandiwa (verbs) and identifying the salitang kilos (action words) in mga larawan (pictures).

Pandiwa / Salitang Kilos: Quick Facts

Pandiwa in English

Kahulugan ng pandiwa (definition of pandiwa in Filipino/Tagalog):
Ang pandiwa ay isang salita na nagsasaad ng kilos o galaw

Pandiwa at panlapi

  • Ang pandiwa ay karaniwang binubuo ng isang salitang ugat at isang panlapi. (A verb in Filipino is usually made up of a root word and an affix.)
  • What are panlaping makadiwa? These are the affixes that are attached to root words to form verbs in Filipino. Examples: um, mag.

Aspekto ng pandiwa

  • Pawatas - salitang ugat + panlaping makadiwa (ex. magbasa)
  • Naganap / pangnagdaan / perpektibo - past tense (ex. nagbasa)
  • Nagaganap / pangkasalukuyan / imperpektibo - present / ongoing action (ex. nagbabasa)
  • Magaganap / panghinaharap / kontemplatibo - future tense (ex. magbabasa)
  • Katatapos - action that has just been completed (ex. kababasa) 

Note on the Worksheets

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Pandiwa Worksheet: Mga Larawan ng Kilos

Identify the action word (verb) in the sentence below the pictures.

You can download a free printable version of this worksheet here: Pandiwa Larawan ng Kilos Worksheet (PDF) 

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