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Montessori Geometry: Positions of a Single Line and Relationships Between Two Lines (Lesson and Quiz)

Learn about the positions of a single line (horizontal, vertical, and oblique) and relationships between two lines (parallel, intersecting, convergent, divergent, oblique, and perpendicular) as inspired by the Montessori geometry curriculum.

Montessori Art Appreciation: Famous Paintings Every Kid Should Know

These are some of the world’s most famous and most beloved paintings that kids (and adults!) should know. Can you name all of them?

MTB Mga Kanta nga Binisaya: Ako Si Takuri (Quiz)

Build your Bisaya vocabulary and your knowledge of the MTB Sinugboanong Bisaya parts of speech in this fun quiz based on the song “Ako si Takuri.”

Montessori Botany Lesson and Worksheet: Parts of a Root

Roots are very important to a plant. Do you know the parts of the roots that help them play their role in keeping plants alive?

Montessori Botany Lesson and Worksheet: Parts of a Flower

The “earth laughs in flowers,” says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Can you name the four basic parts of a flower?

Dino Quiz! Level 1 Challenge

Can you tell an apatosaurus from an allosaurus? Take this challenge with your friends!

Dino Quiz! Level 2 Challenge

Name these dinosaurs!

Montessori Mastery Quiz: South American Flags

Can you guess which South American countries these flags represent?

Montessori Mastery Quiz: The Human Body Systems

Test your knowledge of the different systems that make up the human body with this easy — but kinda tricky! — quiz.

Montessori Mastery Quiz: Body Functions of Fish

Choose which statements best describe the body functions of fish.