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Area of a Parallelogram: Quick Lesson and 4 Free Worksheets

A quick lesson on finding the area of a parallelogram with height and base, plus free printable and live worksheets for mastery.

Parts of a Quadrilateral – HuntersWoodsPH Geometry Worksheet

The different parts of a quadrilateral and their definitions: side, angle, vertex, base, height, diagonal, perimeter, and area.

Convex vs. Concave Polygons – HuntersWoodsPH Geometry Worksheets

Learn the difference between convex and concave polygons and use the free worksheets to help reinforce learning.

Relationship Between a Circumference and a Straight Line / Between Two Circumferences

In this post, you will find a quick review and free worksheets on: (1) the parts of a circle, (2) the relationship between a circumference and a straight line, and (3) the relationship between two circumferences.

Montessori Geometry: Classification of Quadrilaterals and the Quadrilateral Family Tree

A description of the basic quadrilaterals and how they are related to each other, leading up to the quadrilateral family tree (Montessori quadrilaterals approach)

Parts of a Triangle and Special Nomenclature for Right Triangles (Montessori Geometry)

What are the parts of a triangle? What are the parts of a right-angled triangle? Learn their names below and answer the worksheets to help you remember them.

Two Parallel Lines Crossed by a Transversal (Montessori Geometry)

A quick lesson and worksheet on two parallel lines crossed by a transversal and the resulting congruent and supplementary angles.

Montessori Geometry: Two Straight Lines Crossed by a Transversal

An introduction to two straight lines (not necessarily parallel) crossed by a transversal. Illustrates interior, exterior, alternate, consecutive, and corresponding angles.

Montessori Geometry: Positions of a Single Line and Relationships Between Two Lines (Lesson and Quiz)

Learn about the positions of a single line (horizontal, vertical, and oblique) and relationships between two lines (parallel, intersecting, convergent, divergent, oblique, and perpendicular) as inspired by the Montessori geometry curriculum.

Montessori Mastery Quiz: Kinds of Angles

Can you tell whether these angles are acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex, or whole? Challenge your friends to take this quiz too!