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Estuaries and Intertidal Zones: Grade 5 Lesson and Worksheets

Elementary science lesson and free worksheets on estuaries, intertidal zones, and the interaction of biotic and abiotic factors in these ecosystems.

Changes in Materials Due to Heat and Oxygen: Kid-Friendly Lesson and Worksheets

Elementary science lesson and free worksheets on physical vs. chemical changes, how materials change when heat is applied or oxygen is present, and how these changes affect the environment.

Useful and Harmful Materials: Lesson and Worksheets

Elementary science lesson and four free live/printable worksheets on useful and harmful materials and the importance of symbols on product labels.

Mother Tongue Sinugbuanong Binisaya Alphabet with Pictures

A list of Sinugbuanong Binisaya words starting with each letter of the alphabet (sinugbuanong titikan) with free MTB worksheets for young learners

Mga Bugtong: Free Printable and Live Worksheets

Free bugtong (Tagalog riddles) worksheets, including bugtong with pictures for younger kids.

Area of a Parallelogram: Quick Lesson and 4 Free Worksheets

A quick lesson on finding the area of a parallelogram with height and base, plus free printable and live worksheets for mastery.

Mga Pangulo ng Pilipinas: Quiz and Worksheets

Free beginner worksheets to introduce learners to, and help them remember, the presidents of the Philippines.

Balangkas/Istruktura ng Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas

Form and framework/structure of the Philippine government, particularly the three branches of government and their respective responsibilities

Digestive System Worksheets for Elementary Students

Quick facts about the digestive system, plus free printable and online worksheets for elementary students

The Muscular System: Free Educational Worksheets for K-12 Students

Quick lesson and free printable/live worksheets on the muscular system for learners from kindergarten up. Includes the types of muscles, how muscles work, and possible muscle injuries.