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Mapa, Globo, Latitud, Longhitud, at Mga Espesyal na Guhit

HuntersWoodsPH Mapa at Globo Worksheets

Araling panlipunan and geography lesson and worksheets on maps, globes, latitude, longitude, and the imaginary lines of the earth

Changes in Solid Materials (Bent, Pressed, Hammered, Cut, Etc.)

Changes in Solid Materials - HuntersWoodsPH Science

Quick lesson on changes that solid materials undergo: how solids can be changed, what properties change, and what doesn’t change when they are bent, pressed, hammered, cut, etc. Free printable/interactive worksheets follow to aid with mastery.

Montessori Geography: Biomes of the World (Lesson, Quiz and Worksheet)

An introduction to the different biomes of the world, plus an online biome quiz and worksheet to help reinforce understanding and gain mastery.

Montessori Geography Lesson & Worksheet: Landforms and Bodies of Water

From a worksheet inspired by the AMI Montessori nomenclature cards on land and water forms to a worksheet involving spotting common landforms and bodies of water on a map, these colorful worksheets will help the child master the most common landforms and bodies of water.