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The Great Rivers of the World –

Great Rivers of the World

To raise awareness of and appreciation for rivers, we discuss the great rivers of the world — not just the longest ones but also those that played a huge part in human history, those that have economic and ecologic importance, as well as those that have unique features or locations.

The Major Rivers in the Philippines

HuntersWoodsPH - Major Rivers in the Philippines

In this article, we discuss the longest rivers in the Philippines, their ecological roles, as well as the status of other well-known rivers in the country.

A Comprehensive List of Gods and Goddesses in Philippine Mythology

The gods, goddesses, and other immortal beings in the mythology of nearly 50 indigenous groups in the Philippines.

My Experience Buying Books from BookXcess Malaysia and Shipping to the Philippines (Review)

Will Philippine Customs charge an additional fee? Does the “international delivery” option deliver door-to-door or end up at the post office? I couldn’t find answers to my questions online so I decided to go ahead and try it myself: buy books online from BookXcess Malaysia and have them shipped to the Philippines.

How Well Do You Know Our Solar System?

You know that Mercury is the smallest planet and Jupiter the largest. But do you know which planet’s day is longer than its year? Do you know what’s in the center of our galaxy? And do you know about Planet X? Test your solar system savvy with this stellar quiz.

Greek Mythology Quiz: Can You Identify These Greek Gods and Goddesses?

A quiz that will test your knowledge of the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Are you up for the challenge?

40+ Fun AND Educational Sticker Books Perfect for the Homeschooling Child

From history to geography, from dinosaurs to space exploration, these educational sticker books are just what parents need to catch their homeschooling child’s attention and pique their interest — in short, lessons made fun!

Montessori Art Appreciation: Famous Paintings Every Kid Should Know

These are some of the world’s most famous and most beloved paintings that kids (and adults!) should know. Can you name all of them?

9 Great Books to Buy for Kids Who Already Have Lots of Books

Buying books for kids who already have Narnia, Harry Potter, and all the other crowd favorites? These nine books are fun, educational, and easy to buy online.

Why Reading Logs Are a Terrible, Terrible, Terrible Idea

Did I mention that it’s terrible? Is it ever a good idea to turn something people *love* to do into something they *have* to do?

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