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Greek Mythology Quiz: Can You Identify These Greek Gods and Goddesses?

A quiz that will test your knowledge of the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Are you up for the challenge?

Who hasn’t been through a Greek mythology phase? The gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are fascinating (if often dysfunctional) and are a great gateway to a discussion on the daily life and culture of ancient times, whether it’s part of your homeschooling curriculum or just a topic you’re personally interested in.

Who’s your favorite Greek god or goddess? Who is the one you can’t stand? And just how well do you know your Olympians?

Take this quiz and see if you can get 25 out of 25!

Greek Mythology Quiz

Let the Olympus games begin!

Welcome to Olympus!

Identify the Greek gods and goddesses described in each number.

Did you enjoy this pop quiz on Greek mythology?

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