Hunter's Woods PH

Types of Flowers with Examples – Biology

Learn about the different types of flowers — complete vs. incomplete, perfect vs. imperfect, solitary vs. inflorescent — with a list of examples for each.

Parts of a Quadrilateral – HuntersWoodsPH Geometry Worksheet

The different parts of a quadrilateral and their definitions: side, angle, vertex, base, height, diagonal, perimeter, and area.

Relationship Between a Circumference and a Straight Line / Between Two Circumferences

In this post, you will find a quick review and free worksheets on: (1) the parts of a circle, (2) the relationship between a circumference and a straight line, and (3) the relationship between two circumferences.

Montessori Geometry: Classification of Quadrilaterals and the Quadrilateral Family Tree

A description of the basic quadrilaterals and how they are related to each other, leading up to the quadrilateral family tree (Montessori quadrilaterals approach)

How Plants Defend Themselves: Thorns, Specialized Stems, Needles

A short video describing how plants defend themselves from animals, from drying up, and from the cold, plus free worksheets to help with mastery for Montessori lower elementary.

Parts of a Triangle and Special Nomenclature for Right Triangles (Montessori Geometry)

What are the parts of a triangle? What are the parts of a right-angled triangle? Learn their names below and answer the worksheets to help you remember them.

Story of Civilization: Cavemen (Montessori History)

In this horizontal study of history and the story of civilization, we take a look at the way of life of cavemen, particularly their food, shelter, defenses, clothing, and art.

Montessori Great Lesson: Coming of Life and Timeline of Life

This is the “Coming of Life” story, one of the Montessori great lessons, with a presentation on the Timeline of Life and free PDF printables and worksheets.

Montessori History: Clock of Eras and Geologic Time Scale

This lesson introduces kids to the history of the Earth, from the time of its creation all the way up to the present. It is meant to be both impressionistic and humbling: to make children realize just how much time has passed and how much has happened on the Earth even before humans appeared.

Two Parallel Lines Crossed by a Transversal (Montessori Geometry)

A quick lesson and worksheet on two parallel lines crossed by a transversal and the resulting congruent and supplementary angles.