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Direct and Indirect Object: Sentence Analysis and Exercises/Worksheets

Quick lesson and worksheets on direct and indirect objects, with a list of ditransitive verbs and examples of direct and indirect objects in sentences.

Use of Commas in Series, Dates, Addresses, Quotations, and Dialogue

The basic rules for using commas in series, dates, addresses, quotations, and dialogue, with worksheets to help reinforce learning.

Common and Proper Nouns (Montessori English Language Lesson and Worksheet)

A quick definition of common and proper nouns and two interactive worksheets (sorting and giving examples) to help you master this English language lesson.

Collective Nouns (Montessori English Language Lesson and Worksheet)

An unkindness of ravens, a blessing of unicorns. Can you guess the other terms used to refer to a group of animals? Live and learn in this fun lesson on collective nouns.

Montessori English Mastery Worksheets: Identifying Punctuation Marks

Period! Question mark! Quotation marks! Parentheses! Name the different punctuation marks in these worksheets.

Montessori Mastery Quiz: Identify the Adjective

These book titles all have adjectives in them! Can you identify which word is the adjective?