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Direct and Indirect Object: Sentence Analysis and Exercises/Worksheets

Quick lesson on direct and indirect objects -- including a list of ditransitive verbs and examples of direct and indirect objects in sentences -- as well as free printable and live worksheets to help with mastery.

This article contains:

  • The basics of direct and indirect objects
  • Ditransitive verbs list with example sentences
  • Sentence analysis / logical analysis exercises, Montessori style
  • Direct object and indirect object exercises

Direct objects are what the verb is acting on. They answer the question “who?” or “what?” They receive the action of the verb.

Indirect objects, on the other hand, receive the direct object. They answer the question “to whom?”, “to what?”, “for whom?” or “for what?” They are found only in sentences that have direct objects.

Take note: Although indirect objects answer the question “to whom” or “for whom,” when the noun or pronoun comes after the prepositions “to” or “for” it is no longer an indirect object. Rather, it is the object of the preposition. An indirect object should NOT come after prepositions like “to” or “for” even though they answer the question “to whom” or “for whom.” (English, eh?)

You can think of it this way: the energy for the action flows from the subject, to the verb, to the direct object, to the indirect object.

Notes about verbs:

  • Verbs that don’t have an object are called intransitive verbs.
  • Verbs that have an object are called transitive verbs.
  • Verbs that have both an indirect and a direct object are called ditransitive verbs.

List of Ditransitive Verbs and Examples of Direct and Indirect Objects in Sentences

Not all verbs can have indirect objects, so here’s a handy list of ditransitive verbs — action words that can have both direct and indirect objects — as well as examples of sentences that use these ditransitive verbs and have indirect objects. (You’ll notice that some of these verbs sound rather formal when used with indirect objects. Many of them can also be used in sentences without indirect objects.)

The ditransitive verb is in bold letters, while the colored word or phrase in the sentence is its indirect object.

  • Accord
    Example: We accord our guests a high level of service.
  • Afford
    Example: Samantha’s education afforded her plenty of work opportunities.
  • Allocate
    Example: We cannot allocate every student a computer; there simply isn’t enough.
  • Allow
    Example: Please allow me the courtesy of 24 hours to compose a reply.
  • Appoint
    Example: The court appointed her a guardian to look after her interests.
  • Ask
    Example: I asked him a question but he didn’t reply.
  • Assigned
    Example: Our parents assigned each of us a chore to do everyday.
  • Assure
    Example: His talent and hard work assured him a place in the team.
  • Award
    Example: The organization awarded Ms. Hernandez a plaque of appreciation and $10,000.
  • Bake
    Example: My mom bakes me a cake every year for my birthday.
  • Bet
    Example: I bet him $10 he couldn’t stay silent for a whole hour.
  • Bring
    Example: Marco brought her a burger and fries.
  • Build
    Example: Can you build me a dog house?
  • Buy
    Example: If I buy you a gelato, will you help me?
  • Call
    Example: The waiter kindly called me a cab.
  • Catch
    Example: Can you catch me a firefly?
  • Cause
    Example: Mike’s work caused him a lot of stress.
  • Charge
    Example: They will charge me extra if I bring it back damaged.
  • Cook
    Example: The chef cooked us a wonderful meal.
  • Cost
    Example: The tickets cost Gigio $200.
  • Cut
    Example: Cut me some slack, will you?
  • Deal
    Example: The defender’s injury dealt the already struggling team a fresh blow.
  • Deliver
    Example: Someone just delivered our neighbor an enormous box of pizza.
  • Deny
    Example: The draw denied Italy automatic World Cup qualification.
  • Design
    Example: We designed her a wedding gown fit for a princess.
  • Do
    Example: Do me a favor.
  • Draw
    Example: Can you draw me a picture of your favorite place?
  • Drop
    Example: Drop Dad a line when you get the chance.
  • Earn
    Example: Switzerland’s win earned them first place in the group.
  • Feed
    Example: That silly boy fed the monkey a fake banana.
  • Find
    Example: Please find me a good book for children.
  • Fine
    Example: The team fined him €5000 for coming late to practice.
  • Forgive
    Example: Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.
  • Get
    Example: Can you get me a Java chip frappe, please?
  • Give
    Example: John gave his family a trip to Slovenia for Christmas.
  • Grant
    Example: Diana’s boss didn’t grant her permission to take the day off.
  • Guarantee
    Example: That win guaranteed them a spot in the Finals.
  • Hand
    Example: She handed the cashier her credit card.
  • Hunt
    Example: He went off to hunt them a rabbit for dinner.
  • Introduce
    Example: The demonstration introduced them a completely new way of doing more with less.
  • Keep
    Example: She keeps us company sometimes.
  • Leave
    Example: Her grandmother left her a pair of pearl earrings.
  • Lend
    Example: Can you lend me $10 for the taxi?
  • Loan
    Example: I loaned her my Spanish dictionary and never got it back.
  • Lose
    Example: His rudeness lost the company a valuable client.
  • Mail
    Example: I mailed you the check about a month ago.
  • Make
    Example: His son made him a thank-you card.
  • Name
    Example: The buyer named them a sum they couldn’t say no to.
  • Offer
    Example: They offered a coupon in lieu of a refund.
  • Order
    Example: I ordered you a salad.
  • Overpay
    Example: Oh no! We overpaid the company $200.
  • Owe
    Example: You owe me one.
  • Pass
    Example: Pass me the salt, please.
  • Pay
    Example: Hans paid Stella €2 for the croissant.
  • Permit
    Example: The situation did not permit them the luxury of time to think things through.
  • Play
    Example: Play me a happy song.
  • Prescribe
    Example: The doctor prescribed her losartan for her hypertension.
  • Profit
    Example: Each sale will profit you 10% in commission.
  • Promise
    Example: He promised her the moon.
  • Purchase
    Example: The little boy’s parents purchased him a guitar for Christmas.
  • Quote
    Example: The agent quoted me a price I couldn’t possibly afford.
  • Read
    Example: My mom reads me a story every night.
  • Refuse
    Example: The consulate refused her an extension of her visa.
  • Render
    Example: He rendered me a great service and I will not forget it.
  • Save
    Example: Here, I saved you a cookie.
  • Sell
    Example: The shop sold me a box to put the gift in.
  • Send
    Example: Send me your homework by email.
  • Serve
    Example: The waitress served us our meals.
  • Set
    Example: Our leaders must set us a good example.
  • Show
    Example: Why don’t you show her your new house?
  • Sing
    Example: It helps me sleep when my mom sings me a lullaby.
  • Spare
    Example: Oh, please, spare me the excuses.
  • Supply
    Example: That shop supplies us eggs and milk.
  • Take
    Example: It might take me a few days to finish the report.
  • Teach
    Example: Mr. Roberts is teaching the choir a new song today.
  • Tell
    Example: Tell us a joke!
  • Throw
    Example: Could you throw me that shirt hanging on the back of the chair?
  • Win
    Example: His terrific performance won him an Oscar.
  • Wish
    Example: Wish me luck!
  • Write
    Example: He wrote Taylor a beautiful song.


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