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Pang-abay vs. Pang-uri Worksheets

Quick lesson and free worksheets to help learners recognize whether a word is an adjective or an adverb (pang-abay o pang-uri).

Mga Pang-Abay at Pariralang Pang-Abay – Free Filipino Worksheets

Quick lesson and free worksheets to help learners master the concept of pang-abay (adverbs) and pariralang pang-abay (adverbial phrase) and the different words they describe.

Lupang Hinirang (Pambansang Awit) and Panatang Makabayan Worksheets

Worksheets — from easy to difficult — designed to help learners commit the Lupang Hinirang and Panatang Makabayan to memory

Leaf Shapes – Montessori Botany

Get to know some of the most common leaf shapes and follow-up with a couple of worksheets for mastery.

Mga Probinsya ng Pilipinas – Araling Panlipunan Worksheets

Seven free worksheets to help students master the names and locations of the provinces of the Philippines

Pagbuo ng Salita Gamit ang Pantig

Quick lesson and 6 free printable and interactive worksheets for mastering forming Filipino words from various syllables (pagbuo ng salita mula sa pantig).

Mapa, Globo, Latitud, Longhitud, at Mga Espesyal na Guhit

HuntersWoodsPH Mapa at Globo Worksheets

Araling panlipunan and geography lesson and worksheets on maps, globes, latitude, longitude, and the imaginary lines of the earth

Changes in Solid Materials (Bent, Pressed, Hammered, Cut, Etc.)

Changes in Solid Materials - HuntersWoodsPH Science

Quick lesson on changes that solid materials undergo: how solids can be changed, what properties change, and what doesn’t change when they are bent, pressed, hammered, cut, etc. Free printable/interactive worksheets follow to aid with mastery.

Pangunahing Direksyon, Pangalawang Direksyon, Compass Rose, at North Arrow

Pangunahin at Pangalawang Direksyon - HuntersWoodsPH Araling Panlipunan

A quick lesson and 4 free worksheets on the pangunahing direksyon, pangalawang direksyon, the compass rose, and the north arrow in the Philippine context.

Materials That Undergo Decay: Biodegradable and Nonbiodegradable Materials

Materials that Undergo Decay | HuntersWoodsPH

Quick elementary science lesson and free worksheets on materials that undergo decay, biodegradable vs. nonbiodegradable waste, and the importance of decomposition.