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Parts of a Flower

Montessori Botany Lesson and Worksheet: Parts of a Flower

The "earth laughs in flowers," says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Can you name the four basic parts of a flower?

A flower produces the seeds that let the plant reproduce. It has four basic parts:


• Corolla. This refers to the flower’s petals. They are often brightly colored to attract pollinators (and humans!).


• Calyx. This is the outermost covering of the flower and is usually made up of sepals that form a green envelope around the petals.


• Pistil. This is the female part of the flower. The pistil produces the ovules, which mature into seeds.


• Stamen. This is the male part of the flower. Pollen is produced by the stamens.

Parts of a Flower -- in Real Life

HuntersWoodsPH | Montessori Botany | Parts of a Flower | Calyx and Corolla
HuntersWoodsPH | Montessori Botany | Parts of a Flower | Stamen and Pistil

Montessori Botany Mastery Quiz: Parts of a Flower

Corolla     Calyx    Pistil    Stamens

Identify the basic parts of the flower indicated in the quiz below.

Parts of a Flower

Name the parts of the flower that are colored in the following images.

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Live Worksheet: Parts of a Flower

You can download a printable version of this quiz here: Montessori Botany Worksheet: Parts of a Flower

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