Hunter's Woods PH

Philippine Money Word Problems – Free Online and PDF Worksheets

Word problems involving Philippine money, with online (self-correcting) worksheets and free printables

Identifying and Counting Money – Philippine Pesos Worksheets

An introduction to Philippine money, plus free worksheets on identifying and counting coins and bills in Philippine pesos

Divisibility Worksheets – HuntersWoodsPH Math

Quick divisibility rules and divisibility worksheets for Grades 2 to 6 to help with mastery

Analysis of the Squares – Binomial (Montessori Math)

Analysis of the squares is an impressionistic introduction to squares and binomials that can lay the groundwork for future higher Maths. Two easy worksheets are included for follow-up work.

A Checklist of Montessori Math Materials to Get a Preschool Child Age 2-6 (2021)

A quick list of the officially recommended Montessori Math materials for early childhood (preschool age 2-6) — and where to get them if you’re based in the Philippines.