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What Our Homeschooling Fails Actually Teach Our Kids

Hunters Woods PH What our homeschooling fails actually teach our kids

That you never gave up on them.


That you didn’t have to do it but you did it for their sake.


That you believed in them enough.


That they’re lucky.


That they shouldn’t take education for granted.


That teachers deserve to be treated with respect.


That parents don’t know it all and that’s okay.


That people are allowed to make mistakes.


That everybody breaks down once in a while.


That it eventually gets better.


That you’re in this together.


That when life was tough, you were tougher.


That even an adult can always learn something new.


That grades are less important than the work it takes to make the grade.


That they had to learn math and science during a pandemic and they made it!


That they have what it takes.


That if they could do this, they could do anything.


That it’s never necessary to wait for the perfect conditions.


That the things we shed sweat and blood for are the things we appreciate more.


That you would turn your life upside down for them.


That they are worth it.


That you love them more than you love yourself.


And that you always will.

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