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Montessori Lesson: Ang Akong Kaugalingon (MTB Sinugboanong Bisaya)

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The purpose of this set of worksheets is for students to:

  1. slowly familiarize themselves with the questions that are usually asked and answered when introducing oneself, and
  2. learn how to answer those questions,

with the ultimate goal of them being able to confidently and fluently introduce themselves in Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano).

Ang Akong Kaugalingon – Part 1 of 4

Match the questions in Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano) on the left side with their English equivalents on the right side.

Ang Akong Kaugalingon – Part 2 of 4

Match the questions in Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano) on the left side with the beginning of their appropriate answers on the right side.

Practice saying the answer complete with your own personal details, for example: “Ako si Juan de la Cruz.” You could also practice saying it in other ways, for example: “Juan de la Cruz ang akong pangalan.

Ang Akong Kaugalingon – Part 3 of 4

Write the appropriate response to the following Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano) questions using this worksheet.

  1. Unsa ang imong pangalan?
  2. Kanus-a ka natawo?
  3. Pila ang imong edad?
  4. Asa ka nagpuyo?
  5. Kinsa ang imong mga ginikanan?
  6. Asa ka ga-eskwela?
  7. Unsa na kang gradoha?
  8. Kinsa ang imong maestra?

Ang Akong Kaugalingon – Part 4 of 4

How will you introduce yourself in Filipino? Write a paragraph with at least 8 sentences about yourself in this worksheet.

Practice makes perfect!

Learning this is tough for a lot of people, especially those for whom Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano) is not their first language, but don’t give up! Just keep practicing!

These exercises on Ang Akong Kaugalingon is one of the lessons in Sinugboanong Bisaya (Cebuano), a subject that is part of my son’s lower elementary Montessori curriculum work plan. You can find more online quizzes here and free worksheets here. If you would like to request a quiz on a particular topic or subject, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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