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Dino Quiz! Level 1 Challenge

HuntersWoodsPH Montessori Natural History Dinosaurs

Are you a dinosaur expert?


Can you tell an apatosaurus from an allosaurus? How about a T. rex from a triceratops?


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Dino Quiz – Level 1 Challenge

Can you name these dinosaurs?

How did you do?


Would you like to try a tougher dino challenge? 


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This quiz is on Dinosaurs, which are mentioned in one of the Montessori 5 Great Lessons, “The Coming of Life.” This story is one of the History lessons in my son’s lower elementary Montessori curriculum work plan. You can find more online quizzes here and free worksheets here. If you would like to request a quiz on a particular topic or subject, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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