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Practical Life Activities for Elementary-Age Kids

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If you’re looking for a plain and simple list of elementary-age practical life activities that you can choose from, you’ve come to the right place.


Some of these might overlap — for example, gardening and planting a seed — but you can choose the simpler activities for younger kids and the multi-step ones for older kids.


☐ Gardening


☐ Planting a seed


☐ Watering


☐ Pruning


☐ Harvesting


☐ Composting


☐ Sweeping/raking leaves


☐ Animal care


☐ Feeding a pet


☐ Washing a pet


☐ Taking a pet for a walk


☐ Caring for younger children


☐ Reading with younger children


☐ Food preparation


☐ Planning a meal


☐ Following a recipe


☐ Cooking a meal


☐ Setting the table


☐ Washing dishes


☐ Ironing tablecloths and napkins


☐ Laundry


☐ Washing/cleaning windows


☐ Handwork: sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving


☐ Sewing a button


☐ Repairing worn clothes


☐ Tying a knot


☐ Taking measurements


☐ Lighting a candle


☐ Inserting batteries into devices (e.g., flashlight)


☐ First aid


☐ Stocking supplies (eg, classroom shelf)


☐ Repair/maintenance work


☐ Changing a light bulb


☐ Fixing leaky faucets


☐ Bicycle maintenance


☐ Washing a car


☐ Tool usage


☐ Assembling furniture


☐ Woodworking


☐ Pitching a tent


☐ Rolling and unrolling a sleeping bag


☐ Packing for an excursion


☐ Reading a bus/train schedule


☐ Using a map


☐ Planning an event




☐ Earning money


☐ Rummage sale


☐ Bake sale


☐ Writing a thank you note


☐ Making a phone call


☐ Writing and mailing a letter


☐ Sending an email


☐ Creating a website


☐ Grace and courtesy


☐ Community service


Are there any other practical life activities you would recommend for elementary-age kids? Leave a comment below!

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