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MTB Online Quiz: Mga Silaba

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Mga Silaba


This quiz includes Bisaya words for things that can be seen in and around the house. Build your Sinugboanong Bisaya vocabulary while learning how to count syllables (mga silaba).

MTB Mga Silaba

Ihapa kung pila ka silaba ang anaa sa mga mosunod nga mga pulong.

(Count how many syllables there are in the following words.)

Review the words in this quiz


Airplane – eroplano

Apple – mansanas

Banana – saging

Bird – langgam

Cat – iring

Chicken – manok

Corn – mais

Dog – iro

Egg – itlog

Fork – tinidor

Glass – baso

Knife – kutsilyo

Mango – mangga

Pencil – lapis

Plate – plato

Scissors – gunting

Squash – kalbasa

Spoon – kutsara

Tree – kahoy

Watermelon – pakwan

This quiz is on Mga Silaba, one of the lessons in MTB: Sinugboanong Bisaya based on my son’s lower elementary Montessori curriculum work plan. You can find more online quizzes here and free worksheets here. If you would like to request a quiz on a particular topic or subject, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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