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40+ Fun AND Educational Sticker Books Perfect for the Homeschooling Child

From history to geography, from dinosaurs to space exploration, these educational sticker books are just what parents need to catch their homeschooling child's attention and pique their interest -- in short, lessons made fun!

As a frequently exhausted homeschooling parent, I’ve often found myself wishing there were sticker books for everything in the lesson plan — from prehistoric man to grammar to literature. My son has sticker books on stuff like the Ancient Greeks and medieval towns and I’ve noticed that they’re actually a really fun way to introduce lessons that might otherwise be kinda boring.

The sanitation system of ancient Romans? Ask him, he knows!

(I know now, too, after reading the sticker book…and to be honest, I’d rather forget. Big ewww.)

We got the sticker books from the two times the Big Bad Wolf book sale was held in our city — they carry remaindered books at really pocket-friendly prices — and we were really looking forward to the next time they would be in town. Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to all that and we haven’t been able to replenish our educational book stocks.

HuntersWoodsPH Montessori Sticker Books for Homeschooling

The company that organizes the Big Bad Wolf sales, BookXcess, is based in Malaysia, but they actually have an online presence and they deliver. The prices in their website are really great value too. Of course, we’d have to pay for shipping, but it might still work out all right, price-wise.

There’s just one reason I haven’t bought from them yet and that is because I’m not sure what happens to the books when they get here — whether we still have to pay taxes and customs fees and stuff like that, which will make the books too expensive.

There is actually a law that says books for personal use are exempt from duties and taxes subject to this condition: 

“An individual importer or recipient of the package can have any number of books, as long as there are no more than 6 copies of any one title.”

Unfortunately, hereabouts, what the law says and what actually goes on under the tables in government offices are often at odds — * cue sigh and eye roll * — so…

Before you ask, yes, I’ve searched for reviews about importing books for personal use from Malaysia — and specifically from BookXcess — to the Philippines but I haven’t found anything relevant yet.

I’m still trying to get more information about the process. Or maybe I might go ahead and do a little trial myself. If I do, I’ll make sure I write about my experience here.

In the meantime, I’ve put together this wish list of sticker books that look fun *and* educational *and* potentially useful for homeschooling. From history to geography, from dinosaurs to space exploration, these educational sticker books are just what parents need to catch their homeschooling child’s attention and pique their interest — lessons made fun!

Our List of the Best Educational Sticker Books for Homeschooling Kids

History Sticker Books

1. Usborne: Cavemen Sticker Book (₱178)

Historical info about caveman life — from cave art to mammoth hunts — presented in a fun, colorful way.

2. Sticker History: Ice Age Sticker Book (₱154)

This sticker book takes us back to what it might have been like during the Ice Age, from daily cave life to encounters with mammoths and saber-toothed tigers

3. Sticker History: Egyptians (₱154)

Pyramids, mummies, and daily life on the Nile

4. Sticker History: Ancient Greeks Stickers Book (₱154)

All about ancient Greece, from their architecture, myths, heroes, and warriors to the first Olympic games

5. Sticker History Ancient Romans Sticker Book (₱154)

All about ancient Rome, from gladiator battles to life in the ancient city.

6. Sticker History: Medieval Sticker Book (₱154)

Scenes from medieval history, from the villages, towns, and castles

7. Pompeii Sticker Book (₱118)

The story of how the ancient Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed during a volcanic eruption in 79 AD and the archaeological treasures of their culture preserved under the ash

8. Sticker History: Explorers Sticker Book (₱154)

A book about famous explorers such as Leif Erikson, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, all the way to Neil Armstrong.

9. Sticker History: Vikings Sticker Book (₱154)

Scenes of Viking life, from their towns and society to their adventures and expeditions

10. 555 Sticker Fun: Pirate Ship (₱118)

Pirate scenes set in the high seas. Arrrr!

11. First World War Sticker Book (₱94)

Because, as they say, those who don’t learn from history…

12. 1001 Things To Spot: Long Ago Sticker Book (₱75)

Spot items in detailed scenes from the past — a fun way to learn history.

13-15. Usborne: Sticker Puzzles

These puzzles help develop children’s abilities such as sorting, matching, visual discrimination, reading comprehension, logic, and math.

Literature, Arts and Culture Sticker Books

16. Bible Sticker Activity: Jesus And The Fisherman (₱94)

Stories from the New Testament, including:

  • Jesus’ First Miracle
  • Jesus and the Fishermen
  • Jesus Walking on Water
  • Two Fish, Five Loaves

17. Greek Myths Sticker Book from Usborne (₱178)

Paintings, pottery and sculptures unveil deeper insights into Greek mythology and history.

18. Usborne Activities: Sticker King Arthur (₱154)

Visit the legendary kingdom of Camelot and meet King Arthur, the wizard Merlin, and Sir Lancelot and the other Knights of the Round Table. Reimagine scenes from the time King Arthur pulled out Excalibur from the stone to his final battle.

19. Architecture Sticker Book: Create Your Own City! (₱154)

Takes children through architectural history, from ancient Greece to modern buildings, and lets kids make their own architectural creations

20. Hooray for Mr William Shakespeare!: A Sticker Activity Book (₱118)

Activities inspired by five of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and The Tempest.

Geography Sticker Books

21. Sticker Activity: Flags (₱118)

All about the flags, the meanings of their colors and symbols, and the countries they represent

22-24. London Sticker Books

  • DK Ultimate Sticker Collection London (₱213)
  • Sticker Activity: London (₱118)
  • Usborne Royal London Sticker Book (₱94)

Special Interest Sticker Books

25. My First Sticker Adventure: Airport (₱118)

Air travel scenes for kids, from packing their bags, riding the shuttle bus, checking in, and going through security.

26. 555 Sticker Fun: Aliens (₱154)

Imagine a world full of meteor showers, alien pets, and travel to the stars

27. 555 Sticker Fun: Animals (₱94)

Features all sorts of animals from the farm to the woods, from the Arctic to Austraia

28. 555 Sticker Fun: Athletes (₱118)

A sports-oriented sticker book that features track and field, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, cycling, and other sports

29. First Sticker Book Cycling (₱154)

Biking scenes from road bikes to BMX.

30-35. Dinosaurs

  • Awesome Dinosaurs Sticker Activity Fun Book (₱118)
  • Ferocious Dinosaurs Sticker Activity Fun Book (₱118)
  • Gold Stars: Factivity World Of Dinosaurs Sticker Activity (₱94)
  • My Dinosaur Activity And Sticker Book (₱118)
  • My First Sticker Adventure Dinosaurs (₱118)
  • Sticker History: Dinosaurs Sticker Book (₱154)

36. 555 Sticker Fun: Fairies (₱154)

Enter the magical world of the fairies in this fascinating sticker book.

37-39. Football

  • My Football Sticker And Activity Book (₱118)
  • S & A Football Scenes: Awesome Football Sticker Scenes (₱94)
  • Ultimate Football Sticker And Activity Book (₱213)

40. My First Garden Activity And Sticker Book (₱118)

For young gardening enthusiasts

41. 555 Sticker Fun: Mermaid World (₱118)

Underwater fun and exploration with a magical mermaid

42. 555 Sticker Fun: Monsters (₱118)

Dragons, zombies, ogres, mummies and more

43. 555 Sticker Fun: Soldiers (₱94)

Army boot camps, assault courses and…parades?! This is a stick-y glimpse into the life of a soldier.

44. 555 Sticker Fun: Space (₱94)

Spaceship scenes with alien battles and space-age explorers

45. 555 Sticker Fun: Sports (₱94)

Athletics, basketball, football, tennis and more

46. Travel Sticker Activity Book (₱154)

An activity book that’s both about travel and for travel — to keep little ones busy on the road (or air).

47-48. Vehicles

  • 555 Sticker Fun: Vehicles (₱94)
  • Diggers And Trucks: Sticker Activity (₱71)

49. My First Wildlife Sticker Activity Book (₱154)

Explore your own garden and learn more about the wildlife right outside your door.

Our Sticker Book Experience Today: Medieval History

Today, we actually used one of our sticker books to learn about medieval life — their castles, socioeconomic classes, food, medical practices, and how they carried out warfare. (Yes, all that from a thin sticker book.)

HuntersWoodsPH Montessori Homeschooling Educational Sticker Book Medieval Castle Catapult

As follow-up activity, my son then constructed a toy wooden catapult that we got from Shopee.

Have you had a great experience with educational sticker books too? Which ones would you recommend?

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