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150 Peakway Cebu: Glamping in the Highlands of Mantalongon, Dalaguete (2021)

Everything you need to know -- room rates, review, videos, and answers to FAQs -- about glamping at 150 Peakway Mountain Resort in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu.


  • Introduction
  • YouTube video of our stay at 150 Peakway
  • Their room rates
  • The 150 Peakway dome and amenities (with tips!)
  • The Peakway Tram
  • Can you bring your own food?
  • Their Airbnb listing
  • How to get to 150 Peakway

When my parents were finally able to get their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine here in Cebu City, it felt like such a breakthrough — after all the sacrifices we’ve made and all the loved ones we lost during this pandemic — that we wanted to celebrate with a long overdue mini-break that, in the planning, quickly turned into two. Two weeks ago, we went on a two-night beach getaway to San Remigio. This week, we went for a mountain retreat in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, in the southern part of Cebu.

150 Peakway Mountain Resort

150 Peakway is still on soft opening. They make sure you understand this when you book and they make it a point to ask you if you’re okay with having construction work ongoing during your stay. This is something that should factor into your expectations if you book now, before they officially open. And of course this — the soft opening status — is the reason why their prices are still relatively low. I imagine their room rates will shoot up once all the landscaping and amenities and everything else are done.

That said, there are a lot of things you can already enjoy at 150 Peakway. There’s a pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a campfire pit. Their Peakway Tram is already operational. And the chance to stay in their geodesic dome (or glamping dome) is an experience not to be missed.

Here’s a compilation of video clips that we took during our stay at 150 Peakway:

Play Video

150 Peakway Rates

As of June 2021, their room rates are as follows:

Accommodation Type




P6,000 / night

4 pax

Bell Tent

P4,000 / night

4 pax, maximum of 6 pax

Suite Room

P4,000 / night

4 pax, maximum of 6 pax


P8,000 / night

8 pax, maximum of 12 pax

All room rates include breakfast.

Additional guests cost:

  • P1,000 / night / child 4-12 years old
  • P1,000 / night / person 13 years and older

In our case, we stayed at the dome, which had two double beds — just enough for four adults. However, we had five adults and one kid in our group, and we wanted to stay together, BUT we didn’t want to stay in the villa, because we wanted to try staying at the dome. So we asked if we could have an additional adult and an additional kid and they said yes! They gave us two extra mattresses that we could lay out on the floor.

It did get kind of cramped, I have to say, because the space inside the dome really was just enough for four people. But we managed. We ended up having two adults in one bed, two adults and an eight-year-old kid in the other bed, and one adult on the floor in the extra mattress. It wasn’t ideal — if you’re particular about comfort, just get the dome and the nearby bell tent, because there’s one within calling-out distance of the dome — but we made do for two nights.

150 Peakway Dome and Amenities

As already mentioned, the dome has two double beds. Only the front part is made of clear material — that’s where the beds are. At the back, there’s a small closet and dresser, a small fridge with two complimentary bottles of water, an electric kettle and a hair dryer. There’s a phone for communicating with the staff, such as when you want to order food or you want to ask them to prepare the pool/jacuzzi/fire. The room is air conditioned, which is a relief, because while the nights can get cool in the mountains of Mantalongon, it can also get quite warm during sunny, cloudless days.

The dome has an ensuite toilet and shower area, although, of course, it’s small because of the limited area inside the dome. (Keep in mind you’re essentially camping — just in a glorified tent. Ginusto mo ‘yan! ūüėÄ That’s the tradeoff for the Instagram aesthetics.) But no, seriously, if you want more spacious interiors, just go for the villa.

What we did, though, was, whenever we could, we made use of the separate T&B building a very short downhill walk away, near the bell tents. We even took baths there, instead of at the dome, because their shower rooms were spacious and each one had a shower area and a separate area where you could dry yourself, get dressed, etc. There were hooks on the wall where you could hang your clothes and other things. There was even a kind of built-in bench on which you could put your things or sit down. So if, say, you’re a single mother having a glamping adventure with your young child, your kid could sit there while you shower — there’s a shower curtain for privacy — and your mind can be at ease, knowing he’s safe there with you. Little things, sure, but it’s often the little details that make the difference.

When we booked, initially, they told us that the amenities already open for our date of stay (last week of June 2021) were the restaurant, outdoor dining/lounge, and the outdoor jacuzzi. They said that the target date for availability of their other amenities was still July 2021. We were therefore pleasantly surprised to find out that we could already use their swimming pool and that we could book their Peakway Tram for a tour around Mantalongon. (More on that later.)

There’s also a campfire pit where you can gather ’round, roast marshmallows, and trade horror stories. There’s even enough space between the fire and the circular concrete bench for — horror of horrors! — group presentations, in case you’re thinking of doing team building at 150 Peakway. Not an introvert’s idea of a good time (just let us relax, ffs) but probably appealing for HRs and girl-scout-troop-leader types. Anyway.

The other amenities that are expected to be available in the coming months are a sauna, an outdoor theater, and ATVs. Good stuff.

Of course, the feature of 150 Peakway that we really adored was where we were staying: the dome. It had its own patio, with an outdoor lounge and separate dining area, perfect for social distancing. The clear wall at the front part of the dome was ideal for waiting for the sunrise while staying buried under a warm blanket. There’s a skylight that lets in natural light during the day and through which you can actually see the stars at night — although, really, it’s still best to walk out the few steps to the patio, where you can see the entire sky dotted with stars.

All in all, a stay at 150 Peakway — even now, while they’re still on soft opening — is pretty good value for money.

The Peakway Tram

One of the services available at 150 Peakway is their Peakway Tram (kind of like a safari vehicle) which can take you around the main points of interest in Mantalongon. Specifically, the staff mentioned four stops: the Flower Garden of Mt. Talongon (which includes a sunflower garden!), Osme√Īa Peak, Lugsangan Peak (also known as Casino Peak), and Patimz Bistro.

Here’s a two-minute video of our stops:

Play Video

You can book use of the tram — which can accommodate around 10 people — for P1,500. Our tour took us approximately four hours, including a long-ish stop at Osme√Īa Peak because we actually climbed up to the actual peak, but excluding Lugsangan Peak, because we were exhausted after Osme√Īa Peak (lol) and wanted to go straight to Patimz Bistro.

If you don’t have a vehicle that can go up the steep roads of Mantalongon, booking the Peakway Tram is a great option.

Can you bring your own food?

We did ask, before our stay, if we could bring Spam ^_^ because we had a picky eater and we were assured that it was okay.

Friends who had stayed there before us said that they, too, were able to bring their own food without being charged corkage.

It seems that, as of now, you can bring your own food to 150 Peakway, especially since they are on Airbnb and you can usually bring food into Airbnb properties. I’m not sure, though, if this will change over time. But I hope not! It’s always nice to have that option because you’re never really sure if you would like the food available at a resort and the place is far from Poblacion, so it’s not like you can easily get out and buy food you like.

150 Peakway Airbnb

Speaking of Airbnb, yes, the 150 Peakway villa, suite rooms, dome, and bell tents are listed at Airbnb.

However, if you want to avoid the extra Airbnb fees, you can also get in touch with the resort through their Facebook page and book with them directly.

The Airbnb listings are useful for checking availability, though. Here are the links:

How to Get to 150 Peakway

The resort is on Google Maps. Just type “150 Peakway Mountain Resort” in the search bar and then press the Directions button.

It’s best to go there by car — a regular sedan can make the uphill drive — though it should be easy enough to get the bus to Dalaguete, ask the conductor to drop you off at eskina Mantalongon (the intersection of the highway and the road going up to Mantalongon), and take a motorcycle-for-hire to 150 Peakway. The resort also says they can assist you with your transportation requirements if you need help.

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