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Montessori for Elementary: Homeschooling Multiple Children

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I’m taking a short Montessori course for parents who are homeschooling their elementary kids and sharing what I learn here in the blog. This is the seventh article in the series. You can start from the beginning here.

At first, I thought of skipping the section on Homeschooling with Multiple Children because it won’t apply to us at home, as my son is an only child. However, I figured I might as well do a quick listen-through and just take very short notes on anything that I think would be useful even for those with just one homeschooling child.


  • Forgive yourself, and forgive your kids, when you all get cranky with each other.

  • On days when you want to tear your hair out — and those days will come, sooner or later — make it a day for going out to the park with your kids. Get outside. Have a change of scenery.

  • When a young child wakes up from a nap, that’s a good time to have a read-aloud.

  • Lessons can be combined but follow-up work will vary according to skill level.


Read this handout if you want to know more.

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