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High School Entrance Exam

High School Entrance Exam Review

Ace your high school entrance exam with our smartly prepared review questions.

Don’t get left behind on preparing for your high school entrance exam. Start getting ready today with our series of videos containing review questions that cover major exam subjects such as science and math.

This is a great way to brush up on what you’ve already learned and identify any areas where you need more help. Boost your confidence and increase your chances of success with our high school entrance exam review series.

We have just started this project so please bear with us if there are fewer questions than you expect. More questions and reels coming soon!

Let us know if there are particular topics you want covered! You can reach out to us through our Instagram page.

Compilation Videos

We release our Review Reels regularly on our Instagram page. Following us on Instagram and checking our content regularly would be the best way for you to see/listen to one review question and discussion a day — it takes just a stress-free 1 to 3 minutes a day.

Periodically, we also compile the Review Reels that we’ve already released by topic. We post our compilation videos on our YouTube channel, so following us there would be your best bet if you want to do several review questions at a time.

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Discussion of Questions

If you’re:

  • a student who learns better by reading, or 
  • a teacher who would like to take a closer look at our review questions and how we got our answers,

you will surely find the transcript of our Review Reels helpful.

The transcripts of our Science review reels can be found HERE

We update our Transcripts pages as we release new review reels (videos) so feel free to come over as often as you like. You’re also more than welcome to use our videos in class.

Printable Reviewer

It’s one of our goals to produce a high school entrance exam / grade 7 entrance exam reviewer that students and teachers can print and use at their leisure.

We have a huge bank of review questions but we obviously can’t make Reels for all of them, so we plan to include those that we can’t make Reels of in a printable reviewer.

We are currently on the process of making this so please check back regularly, because we will definitely post a link to our High School Entrance Exam Reviewer PDF right here.