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About me

I’m a full-time mom and independent writer with a background in psychology, advertising, and medicine. My passions include travel, learning, and anything creative. All my life, I’ve been marching to the beat of my own drum and I dream of quietly inspiring others to have courage to do the same.

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Hunters Woods PH

My son

This budding paleontologist is the center of my life. He loves drawing, Magic Tree House, and tagging along on my trips. Due to the pandemic, we are currently on a Montessori home-based learning program.

Hunters Woods PH
Hunter's Woods PH
Hunter's Woods PH

Hunter's Woods

My son’s second name is Hunter, and before it became the name for this blog, Hunter’s Woods was what we called our backyard. For me, the name is associated with all the things I treasure in life: happiness, simplicity, family, nature, peace, steadfastness, and contentment.

Just like in life, our backyard isn’t quite what I had envisioned in the beginning — storms have come, a lot of plants have refused to grow — but it’s still there. We’re still here. And the important thing is that we have each other as we take on this adventure called life together.

Stick around —
join us on our journey!

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